Open Air Burn Pits in Afghanistan


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Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction

Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction

The Office of the Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction has recommended the closure of open air pits being used by the military in Afghanistan because of potential health risks to service members. In a letter to

General Lloyd J. Austin III, Commander, U.S. Central Command, and General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr, Commander, U.S. Forces–Afghanistan, and Commander, International Security Assistance Force, John Sopko, the SIG for Afghanistan Reconstruction, stated:

you should consider terminating the use of Camp Leatherneck’s open-air burn pit operations as quickly as possible by ensuring that the camp’s 12-ton incinerators are used to their full capacity and by awarding an operation and maintenance contract for the 24-ton incinerators. In addition, I suggest that you reevaluate the need for the $1.1 million contract forhauling the camp’s solid waste to a local landfill in light of the incinerators’ capability to processall the waste.

To view the multi-page report supporting Sopko’s recommendation, click here: SIGAR Report on Open Air Burn Pits in Afghanistan.


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