Waiting for the Department of Veterans Affairs to process a claim can seemingly take forever.  The Daily Beast has an interactive map created by the Center for Investigative Reporting where you can see what the average waiting time is at your V.A. Regional Office (VARO).  Each circle on the map reflects the statistics for each of VARO.  The larger the circle, the larger the number of claims and growing backlog for the VARO to process those claims.

For example, at the St. Petersburg, Florida VARO, there are nearly 50,000 vets waiting, and of those over 11,000 have been waiting for over a year, and the average wait for veterans filing their first claim is 433 days.  Compare that to the Oakland, California VARO where nearly 19,000 veterans are waiting and the same number have been waiting for over a year, with the average wait at 618 days.  Click on the map below for the statistics at your VARO:

The larger the circle, the longer the wait.

Center for Investigating Reporting – Interactive Map of Waiting Times at Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Offices.

Note that you can find a graphic on their web page below the interactive map, which shows the waiting time statistics in chart format for each VARO.